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Athlone Main Drainage Network

Athlone Main Drainage Network

I am delighted to confirm that the Government have approved the upgrade of the Athlone Main Drainage Network.

Construction on the project with an estimated overall costs of €113.6m is due to commence the end of this year and be completed by September 2025.

This is hugely welcome and is a strong demonstration of this Government’s commitment to our future growth and development. My thanks to all who have supported this project and I will continue to work with my colleague Minister Darragh O’Brien TD so that this project will progress without delay.

Athlone main drainage Network – approved by Government;

Upgrade of the Athlone Main Drainage Network approved by Government

Commenting, Minister for the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage Darragh O’Brien, said:

“The upgrade to Athlone’s waste water collection system is pivotal for future growth and development in the area and for the successful delivery of housing.

“It is also a hugely important step in addressing non-compliance with the EU’s Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive in Athlone. Athlone town is serviced by a Waste Water Treatment Plant which was recently upgraded to accommodate Athlone’s waste water needs to at least 2050. However, the associated waste water collection system, comprising foul and combined sewers, pumping stations and storm water overflows, has insufficient capacity and is hydraulically overloaded in parts, resulting in frequent out-of-sewer flooding into the River Shannon. The part of the River Shannon subject to sewer flooding is designated as a sensitive area under the 2010 Urban Waste Water Treatment (Amendment) Regulations. Athlone town is one of the locations cited in the 2019 European Court of Justice Judgement against the State for failure to comply with the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (UWWTD) regarding the discharge of untreated stormwater into sensitive areas.

“The project will cater for a growing population in Athlone and will facilitate economic development and importantly, safeguard the environment.”

The Athlone Main Drainage Scheme includes the construction of new pumping stations, installing more than 2.8 kilometres of sewer network and decommissioning under-performing pumping stations and pipework. Irish Water, working in partnership with Westmeath County Council, is progressing the Athlone Main Drainage Sewer Network Upgrade project.

When completed, this project will reduce the risk of sewer flooding in Athlone and address non-compliant sewer overflows into the River Shannon. It will also improve the capacity of the sewer network allowing for current and future population growth. For further details on these works, please click here for Irish Water projects details.

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