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Sports Capital Grant 2021

Oscar application system for Sports Capital grant

This year’s Sports Capital Grant Application will open shortly.

The Sports Capital Programme online system is called OSCAR. You must be registered on OSCAR before you can apply. Before you register a Tax Registration Number (TRN) is required. The TRN is the unique identifier for each organisation and is the user name for logging into the system. If you do not, you should register for one. They take about 10 days to come through.

How to Apply for sports capital grant;

All applications are made via OSCAR. No applications by email or post are accepted. Once you have registered and logged in using the tax registration number and password used at registration stage you will be brought to the Dashboard. If a round of the Sports Capital Programme is open for applications, click on “Apply for a Grant” and you can then click “Create application” beside the relevant round of the programme to begin the application process.

The application wizard will guide you through the application process and you can save and review your work as you fill out the form. As the system will log you out after a period of inactivity it is important that you save your application as you go. You can return to it later when you have all the information and electronic documents ready. On each page some fields are mandatory. If you try and proceed without filling in these fields you will be prompted to provide certain information.

For a guide to the registration and application process go to http://dttas.ie/sport/english/sports-capital-programme

Tip: Save your application regularly as it times out.

Tip – The Department has set out templates in the appendices that must be used in the application. Make sure you familiarise yourself and use these templates.

Tip – Each year, the Department release a scoring system assessment procedures. These procedures outline the weighting of how points are awarded. Please make sure you cover the elements that are weighted with the most points.

Tip: when uploading document – Make sure this is not password protected.

• Upload it as a PDF or a JPEG.

• Name each attachment with an obvious name such as “Approved design of track”.

Common pitfalls for application:

• Documentation is not submitted fully

• Documentation does not use the templates provided

• No detail given on club/soc own funding that has been saved/borrowed. You must submit this.

• If you are applying for extension to facilities, make sure you have the title or access to the land that you are developing.

The best tip, is to start the application process as soon as it opens, that way you can get help from your local public representative or the Department if you need it. For full details on the Sports Capital Grant programme, please click here.

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Please share with local clubs. Thank you.

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