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Sustaining Enterprise Fund


Access up to €800,000 in funding, with 50% as a non-repayable grant capped at €200,000. Enterprise Ireland’s Sustaining Enterprise Fund is available for manufacturing or internationally traded services companies until mid-December 2020. https://globalambition.ie/supports/innovation-support/sustaining-enterprise-fund/… #Covid19

Enterprise Ireland’s liquidity and medium term financial supports are being delivered under the ‘Sustaining Enterprise’ fund, launched in April. Applications for this fund close mid December 2020.

Sustaining Enterprise Fund – €800k

Support of up to €800,000 can be provided to companies who have been negatively impacted by Covid 19. The objectives of the fund are to:

• Ensure eligible companies have access to necessary liquidity in the short-term; and
• Sustain the business so that the company can return to viability and contribute to the recovery of the Irish economy

Eligible companies

Up to €800, 000 is available to eligible companies which:
• Employ 10 or more full-time employees*
• Are operating in the manufacturing and internationally traded service sectors
• Have seen (or expect to see) a 15% or greater reduction in actual or projected turnover or profit, or a significant increase in costs, as a result of Covid-19.
The Sustaining Enterprise Fund will be used to support the implementation of a Sustaining Enterprise Project Plan which should be provided by the company outlining the eventual stabilisation of the business and a return to viability. The Covid-19 Business Financial Planning Grant can help companies to develop the Sustaining Enterprise Project Plan.

* For companies with less than 10 people a range of supports are available from MicroFinance Ireland and the Local Enterprise Offices – contact the business response unit.

For further information on the Sustaining Enterprise Fund, please click here.

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