Popularity of motorised scooters continues to rise – as does the risks associated with them

Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Transport, Robert Troy TD, has called for regulations on the use of electric scooters. Deputy Troy was commenting as electric scooter sales continue to rise while the legality of their use on Irish roads remains confusing.

“At the moment using an electric scooter is not permitted under existing road-traffic legislation and anyone caught using one in public spaces could be fined, given penalty points or have it seized by Gardaí. Yet despite this, more than 2,000 electric scooters are now regularly travelling the roads of Dublin city.

“Minister Ross has asked the Road Safety Authority (RSA) to research how electric scooters and bikes are regulated in other EU states but given that there are already 2,000 on the road he is, once again, behind the curve.

“These electric scooters can travel at speeds from 30km to 50km and there are only too many YouTube videos showing how easy it is to remove a speed limiter. It makes no sense for a motorised scooter to be able to travel faster than a car in some areas of Dublin City Centre and the fact that they are currently being used on footpaths and on busy pedestrian streets is even more frightening.

“I absolutely accept that it’s preferable to encourage these kind of devices over cars and buses but we cannot have a situation where there is a flood of electric scooters on the streets without any kind of regulations”, concluded Deputy Troy.