Cllr. Paddy Hill

As a lifelong member of Fianna Fáil, I have supported and worked for the good of the party throughout the years, assisting all candidates locally and nationally.

It has been my great honour to serve on Westmeath County Council from 1974- 1985 and once again in 2003, where I have worked diligently to promote and safeguard our community through all aspects of my work. As your Public Representative for the Coole-Mullingar East area I will continue to work full-time to meet your concerns and requests for improvements, needs and representations in the local community.

I have been active at a community level for many years and have used my position as an elected representative to support local organisations and charities to raise much needed funds. As a Local Councillor it is my belief that the role of a public representative should interchange to community activist, helping to build spirit and energy within our localities, continuously working to improve and strive for the enhancement of services for the benefit of the wider community.

My role as a Public Representative on a full-time basis has allowed me to interact with a significant section of the community on a daily basis. This has allowed me to more fully understand the issues and challenges faced by the constituents I represent.


  • The continued lobbying through various agencies for investment in job creation projects for the locality, leading to meaningful growth in the local economy in the future.
  • Sustainable employment in the Coole-Mullingar East area which will benefit the community in the long-term.
  • To enhance and promote facilities and services in the Coole-Mullingar East area, which will hopefully lead to the upgrading of such facilities and services.
  •  To advocate for the retention of our local Garda Stations against government plans to reduce the number of rural stations in operation.
  • The continued support for the need of the An Post network to remain operational as it is a lifeblood of rural communities and benefits local people on a social and economic level.