Cllr. John Shaw

Cllr John Shaw is a 32 year old candidate in the new Mullingar Coole electoral area. First elected to Westmeath County Council in 2009 John has provided a strong voice for community groups and residents on a wide range of issues. A well known sportsman who captained Westmeath to the inaugural Christy Ring Cup in 2005 John has used his leadership qualities to drive a number of projects such as a new national school in Rathwire (which is due to commence later this year) and playgrounds in Killucan, Clonmellon and Delvin to name but a few. John has seen the positive effects of sport on young children, helping to divert them away from anti-social behaviour and underage drinking and into a positive environment. John recently negotiated a partnership between Leinster Rugby and Westmeath Co Co which will see the employment of a full time Rugby coach to Westmeath which will target in particular marginalised groups.

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Friday 16th May 2014

Shaw demands answers on water charges for unmetered households

How will Govt charge 1 million households that won’t be metered this year?

Fianna Fáil Councillor John Shaw has demanded answers from the Government on how it intends to charge the one million households that will not be fitted with water meters by the time water charges kick in.

Fianna Fáil Questioned the Environment Minister Phil Hogan in the Dáil this week raising concerns about the fact that just a third of households will be fitted with meters by the end of this year.

Cllr. Shaw commented, “Every household across the country will start clocking up water charges from October, with the first bills expected next year.  And yet it’s estimated that over one million households won’t be fitted with meters by that stage.  

“It’s seems that the Government intends to slap water charges on these unmetered households regardless.  But more than three years into the life of this Government and with just five months to go until charges kick in, we have no details on how this will be done.

“Minister Hogan told Fianna Fáil environment spokesperson Barry Cowan TD that he has commissioned a report into unmetered areas.  He refused to answer questions about the report’s remit, when it was commissioned, when it started, when it will be completed and when unmetered households will know exactly how much they are forced to pay.  

“People will wonder how the Labour Party can justify what’s happening here. Labour Leader Éamon Gilmore has repeatedly said that his party is against flat-rate water charges.  Will he and his colleagues allow over one million households to be hit with flat rate charges towards the end of this year because their meters haven’t been installed?

“It’s crucial that this report is not just another exercise in optics by a Fine Gael Minister who has been told to appease his junior coalition partners.  The Minister’s refusal to provide any detail whatsoever about this report raises my suspicions that it is yet another attempt to kick the issue down the road further in an effort to salvage more votes for Fine Gael and Labour in the upcoming local elections.

“With three weeks to go until the local and European elections, and just five months until every single home starts clocking up water charges, it’s high time for Fine Gael and Labour to stop playing political games and come clean with households.”