Cllr. Frankie Keena

Frankie Keena is a member of a family deeply involved in the Fianna Fail party since its foundation in 1926. His late Father Tommy and late Mother Ellen (Boland) fostered a commitment to community and public service in their youngest son from an early age. Frankie, whose motto is ‘Working for you in the heart of the community’, is so true as he resides nearly in the middle of the newly formed Athlone Local Electoral Area. Frankie is married to Siobhan Downes and they have two children, Alanna and Adam.

On being co-opted to Athlone UDC in 1995 he was honoured to serve as Mayor of Athlone during the year 1999/ 2000. Frankie has served the greater Athlone areas as a member of Westmeath County Council since 2004 and has the distinction of being one of the most experienced candidates presenting themselves for re-election on 23rd May 2014.

Frankie has an outstanding track record of achievements which include: Chairman and co-founder of Athlone Drug Awareness Group, founder and Chairman of Athlone eCom (, past member of Tubberclaire Water Scheme, past Chairman of Baylin Group Water Scheme, member of Midlands Regional Drug Taskforce, member of associations in the Annagh, Baylin, Bliary/Moydrum areas and is a strong supporter and advisor to resident groups throughout urban Athlone.

Community involvements also include the delivery of a public playground for the Baylin / MountTemple areas in conjunction with an excellent local committee, the amalgamation of the Moydrum / Bliary Neighbourhood Watch with the newly formed Baylin / Mount Temple Community Text Alert Group. There are over 500 members in this group.

Last year he set up a new Athlone based group called Cairdeas whose mission is to provide a free befriending service to our elderly population in both rural & urban areas in conjunction with WCDL.

Frankie is actively involved with initiatives to generate more foot fall to help the business communities in both Athlone and Moate. Derelict buildings and empty shop front windows do not help traders. While these issues need to be urgently addressed he feels there is a need for a streetscape plan to make the core shopping streets vibrant and enticing for shoppers to visit.

Frankie while  welcoming the new Primary Care Centre in Clonbrusk he feels we should not rest there and should continue the campaign to attract other health care providers to the town.

If elected on 23rd May, Frankie Keena will continue his outstanding track record of local and community service.

Frankie operates his own community based website ( ).